European Blue With Key Adult Briefcase Handbag Suitcase -Vegetable Tanned Cowhide-

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A briefcase with a strong sense of quality for adults. The vegetable tanned leather from Europe will become darker with the use of it, and it will be full of luster and shiny and very charming~!


European Blue With Key Adult Briefcase Handbag Suitcase -Vegetable Tanned Cowhide-

商品説明 The vegetable-tanned blue leather from Europe is also remarkable in the performance of the briefcase. Obviously visible growth lines and leather fine lines fully demonstrate the leather texture. What the uncle loves most is the hardware part of the briefcase. The golden color is worn out, and the simple and clear four-corner shape is neat, and the briefcase can be opened easily after a little pressure. Attach the key and use it when you have important documents. The grip has been specially treated, which is most suitable for the palm width of 2 cm, and it is not burdensome to use for a long time. The characteristics of natural leather present a high-quality sense of maturity. Steady but not too old-fashioned and the bag style is simple and clear, so it is called an adult briefcase. __________________________ Size: 34cm X 25cm, the thickness of the side and bottom is 11cm, the width of the handle is 2cm (Please forgive me if there is a small error in manual measurement) Material: vegetable tanned cow leather Storage: Two compartments, can store A4 paper completely. Weight: 750g __________________________ Use leather: vegetable tanned cowhide Tanned with vegetable oil, tannins and natural cowhide. Because the leather surface is less modified and has no coating, the natural lines, scars and spots are clearly visible, so the quality of the leather surface is higher. Vegetable tanned leather tends to become softer and full of luster over time. Please look forward to the charming charm and natural fragrance that the leather will bring when it is aged. Make a reminder: 1. All products are not in stock. It may take 2-3 weeks to receive the order. If you have special requirements on time, please write to us first. 2. Because the leather is out of print, if it happens to be out of stock, you can discuss with us to replace other leather. 3. We provide free gift packaging, please write to us if you need it. 4. Provide free branding service, font can refer to the following photos. Mainly English letters, handwriting perfectionists please consider. The fonts on black leather are relatively unclear, so branding is not recommended. 5. Leather characteristics Animal leather will have its own texture. Even the same piece of cowhide will have color difference due to different parts, and the skin will have natural scars, spots, growth patterns, etc., so every bag is unique. And because it is handmade, it is inevitable that there will be imperfections. Please do not buy if you mind. Except for obvious and intentional defects, customized products will not be returned or exchanged, please be aware. 6. Matters needing attention ・The cowhide does not require care and maintenance at the beginning. It is recommended to use the leather care oil (milk) every 2-3 months after half a year. ・The leather may fade, mottle or deform when exposed to water, so please wipe it dry as soon as possible. Please be careful to avoid oil stains when using. ・Natural leather surface has no excessive water-repellent processing, so it will fade and stain when exposed to water or friction. 7. TTH studio provides free maintenance services, basic maintenance such as hardware parts are welcome to use more. Product details Material: natural leather Commodity サイズ (height x width x Austrian line): 25cm x 34cm x 11cm (こちらの品は手作りで制作されているため、1-2cmほど大きさに失いがでることがあります.) こちらの品には inner に2个のポケットがついております。 A4サイズのものを館裝することができます。 __________________________________________________ 1. This product is はハンドメイドのため, and the production period is about 21 days.あらかじめご了承ください. 2. オーダーメイド no goods, return products, return gold, はお受けしておりません. 3. He のカスタマイズのご Hopeがあれば、ご注文の前にサイト内メッセージにてデザイナーへご连络ください。 4. Leather products は濡れないように設計してください.雨の日の用は革にダメージを与えたりカビのCauseとなります。 5. もし皮产品が濡れてしまった傳事は干いた布で优しく水気を轉き取り干かしてください.ドライヤーやDirect sunlight での乾は避けてください. 6. Leather products, how to use and the time of use, により texture や色が変化します. Daily use していますと光沢が増してくきます。 7. Long-term use for しない occasions, 付属の Safekeeping with の袋に入れ温度で乾いた報に還してください. 8. The various parts of leather products are in violation of wrinkles, wounds, and spots.これは革制品の特徴となっております。


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