Arden Camouflage Black Japanese Design Brand Co-branded Button-type Thin Long Clip - The Strongest Storage Wallet

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Can be flat and stored change ■ Germany's new material, not only light and wearable, but also used for a long time not only dirty but more flavor. ■If you put in the change, it will not be thick. ■ Banknotes and invoices can be placed without folding.



Arden Camouflage Black Japanese Design Brand Co-branded Button-type Thin Long Clip - The Strongest Storage Wallet


■It will not be thick if you put in change ■ banknotes and invoices can be placed without folding ■Can put 9 to 12 cards It is a long clip that can be flattened so that the copper plates do not overlap and the thickness is not perceived. The sandwich has a two-layer structure with a 120-degree unfolding. All the copper plates are visible at a glance, and the entire hand can be extended and taken out. The banknote can be placed in a 10,000-dollar bill, and all invoices and details can be stored without folding. ーーー Collaboration ーーー ARLEQUIN, a brand of "Seamless Line", which designs, manufactures and sells seamless leather goods, and NOELC, a designer who has published works in Taiwan based on Taiwan, has jointly developed joint-name products. The company's concept of "manufacturer is the user" and the idea of getting better and better from the base of Osaka, and the manufacturing engineering (printing, cutting, and assembly) other than materials are all carried out in Osaka, and it was awarded Osaka in 2015. System of honor. ーーー Art life, art life. >>About works This is not a zebra pattern, this is camouflage! As long as you can hide yourself in the environment and not be discovered by the enemy, it is the definition of camouflage. The Ardennes Forest is a forested hilly area at the junction of Belgium and Luxembourg. In December 1944, Germany launched an offensive in the Belgian Ardennes on the western front of Europe. ... In the winter, in the snowy Ardennes, the black shadows of trees and the intertwined environment of snow made the classic unforgettable appearance of the Arden Forest Camouflage. I simplified it and fashioned it and applied it to the creation of NOELC. Men's, women's, bicycles and shoes have his shadow. ーーー about that product ーーー ARLEQUIN's Seamless Line is made from 70% rubber and 30% mixed leather. This product features a unique touch of "watery and smooth", with the sleek and rubbery elasticity of leather, and adopts the design structure and manufacturing method that utilizes these special features. Seamless Line products are not required to be cut due to the rubbery nature of the material, and are connected by an industrial adhesive. The characteristic of leather is that it accumulates hand scale during continuous use, and as the owner uses it differently, it will experience the joy of years of change. ● Please avoid using it for purposes other than the product itself. ●Because this product is a leather product, there may be individual differences in hue and touch. ●Slightly stain the surface with a soft cloth. ● Parts that are stained with oil such as hand stains will change color and will quickly penetrate into the whole product. It can be regarded as one of the inevitable changes in long-term use and will continue to be cherished. ●Contamination of moisture may cause streaks, fading, deformation or rust (metal parts). ●In a high temperature state such as direct sunlight, fire roasting, or heating, or contact with liquids such as organic solvents and gasoline, it may cause discoloration, deformation, or deterioration in quality. ● Prolonged exposure to high temperature and high humidity will cause mold growth. Please keep it in a well ventilated state. ● Rubbing the surface with a sharp object will cause the material to crack. In addition, the painted surface may also be peeled off, please pay more attention. Material:Mixture of 70% rubber and 30% leather Size:H95 x W180 x D12 mm Made in Japan


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