[Cold porcelain coasters] Turkish blue / handmade / natural materials

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Coated with natural materials coasters, on the side, always heal. Various mineral colors and moist touch, the city's


[Cold porcelain coasters] Turkish blue / handmade / natural materials


[product description] The 11th-century Berbers, who grind stone stucco and make storage tanks, began to circulate without using the Tadelakt process. Using German Kreidezeit natural materials, with a warm and elegant texture, like nature, accompanied by the side. ● Natural material of Tadelkat lime + mineral masterbatch ● spread a thousand years of ancient craftsmanship, carefully complicated layers of production ● natural lines and hand-made, unique works ● Natural coasters, can keep the desktop clean, classic, healing, beautiful ● Because it is a natural material, handmade, texture of each finished textured lines are different, with a long time will have their own traces of use, please think twice before ordering. [specification] Length 11cm Thickness of about 1cm [colour] https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4509/36802709683_ee1506b07b_z.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4451/23620716048_0d8ccf7224_z.jpg 01 Sonnengelb sunshine yellow (rich) 02 Sonnengelb sunshine yellow (light) 03 Eisenoxidschwarz Black iron oxide (concentrated) 04 Eisenoxidschwarz Black Iron Oxide (Light) 05 Umbra grünlich dunkel Dark green brown 06 Umbra grünlich dunkel dark green brown (light) 07 Siena rot 08 Siena rot 09 Spinelltürkis spinel turquoise blue (rich) 10 Spinelltürkis spinel turquoise blue (light) 11 Umbra rotbraun reddish brown (rich) 12 Umbra rotbraun Red-brown (light) Spinellblau Spinel Blue Spinellblau spinel blue (light) Spinellorange spinel orange (rich) 16 Spinellorange spinel orange (light) [Cleaning / Maintenance] ● Cold porcelain has the basic water repellent and stain resistant. Because it is a natural material, it can be normally used when it is ready to be sent out, but it will also make it hard with the environment for at least one week. Do not knock or injure the surface deliberately. ● Use water or mild soap light wash, do not use acidic, corrosive, irritating cleaning products. ● Care Spraying / brushing plant soapy water on the surface, after the surface is dry, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. ● If the damaged surface coating drops, you can contact us at the market or activities, free repair for you. If the injury area is greater than 30% of the body, will charge a fee. If the product body (non-surface coating) is broken, it can not be repaired. [package] We have a design package, but also very suitable for gifts. But if you want to reduce the amount of rubbish like we do, you can also tell us that we will ship it to you in a simpler package. [Remarks] ● photos on different screens may have color to real product ● Natural materials Due to environmental conditions, finished products may have less than 5% of the color [Origin / manufacturing methods] German raw materials handmade in Taiwan


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