Handmade Ceramic Light Blue Mini Flower - Hill

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Each piece of flower is 100% handmade. After the ultra-high temperature firing process, the glaze of each flower will show its unique character and texture. Therefore, every flower you buy can be considered as a unique orphan.



Handmade Ceramic Light Blue Mini Flower - Hill


**" Brand Concept"** Ohleaf is a hand-made ceramic brand from Singapore. Combining traditional ceramic craftsmanship with innovative living design concepts, and creating unique and unique pottery with warm and simple hands, I hope to add to your daily life with these exquisite handcrafted pottery. Color and a beautiful life. If you want to find more inspiration, please pay attention to our dynamics: Facebook: ohleafsg Instagram: ohleafsg **" about that product"** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48054443592_ac0f23a3be_b.jpg This series of mini-flowers is simple and simple, and the inspiration of the model combines the scenes we see everyday, such as apples, hills, etc., which are transformed into beautiful objects, giving people a fresh and fresh taste. Every mini flower is It is 100% pure handmade products. After the ultra-high temperature firing process, the glaze of each flower will show its unique character and texture, so all the flowers can be regarded as unique orphans. The mini flower stand is versatile in any corner of the house, and its sleek and light figure and elegant color will bring a lovely yet elegant atmosphere to your interior. In order to give you the best experience, we will personally match each small flower with a bunch of small dried flowers. Even the gift will make the recipient feel your heart. And if you drop a little of your favorite oil on the dried flowers. / Perfume, small flower can turn into a mini indoor aromatherapy 喔! Storage method: Dry flower heel flower is recommended to be placed in a dry and naturally ventilated environment to avoid moisture and water. If it is not broken, it can be maintained for 1-2 years. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48054395848_f853c83cfe_b.jpg You can also choose 4 mini-flowers to match our bamboo trays to bring different decorative effects to your interior. **Size**: about 5cm in diameter and about 6cm in height **Material**: Ceramic **Manufacturing process**: Preparing clay>Hand-drawing>Crafting>Drying>Enamelling>1300°C high temperature firing>Modified finished product **"Packaging"** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48052803153_2bff9ffe06_b.jpg Every piece of pottery we will complete the packaging and put it into the box to ensure it can be safely delivered to your hand. **" Precautions"** - Since each pottery is hand-made and fired at a high temperature, the actual size of the item you purchase or the glaze may differ slightly from the picture displayed on the website. - The color of the product will be slightly different due to the difference in indoor/outdoor light due to the setting of the computer screen and the shooting process. Please refer to the actual receipt of the goods. - Due to the long distance of the international delivery process, we will try our best to pack it as tightly as possible. If any damage is found after the receipt, please take a photo and send it to us in time, we will handle it for you in the first time. **"Make it a gift? / To give gifts"** If the product is intended to be purchased directly and sent to the address of the recipient, you can leave a message to us at the time of purchase and pass your greetings to us. We will help you write the card and send it together! Let the recipient feel your heart! :)


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