Only one classic limited edition-Stained glass storage box enlarged size

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Out-of-print special size flower window storage box-originated from local craftsmanship in Taiwan Inheriting the techniques of Japanese-style craftsmanship, from Changhua Yongmao woodware, in the 1970s, the flower window was once a proud industry in Lukang. Hands once again launched the flower window storage box with the brand's new design and image! Let



Only one classic limited edition-Stained glass storage box enlarged size


|Exquisite craftsmanship of Zhengli Flower Window| From Changhua Yongmao woodware, in the 1970s, flower windows were once an industry that Lukang was proud of. In the early days of Mogi woodware, a large number of interior building materials were made, and many wooden windows were accumulated. We hope that through design and ingenuity, the skill and meaning of the flower window is no longer just a large-volume building material, but reduced to become the flower window daily necessities of daily life. Zhengli Wooden Stained Window National Treasure Master Chen Huanghui-now renamed Yongmao Wooden# Master Chen Huanghui, the flower window craft of a Jiazi. This craft does not need to be nailed and riveted. It only relies on manual chiseling and traditional processing tools to create a mortise joint structure, and the cut pieces are assembled into various complicated and delicate patterns. In Japan it is called Zuzi craftsmanship, and in Taiwan it is called window craftsmanship. The exquisite craftsmanship of Zhengli window is amazing. In the early days of Yongmao Woodware, a large number of interior building materials were made, and many Japanese style window techniques were accumulated. We hope that through design ingenuity, this technique can not only produce large-volume building materials, but can be reduced into daily necessities. Thanks to the help of the masters, we have launched a new window product this year. -The flower window storage box is fully upgraded to easily store the small items of life- There are always many small items scattered on the table at home. If there is a beautiful and convenient storage box, you can store the little things neatly. Is it possible to enjoy a comfortable and clean life more happily? In 2018, we launched the small size window storage box and it was well received! Hot sale online~ In the new year, we took out the pressed box treasure! Large-sized and three-sided glass stained window storage box. (The specifications sold here are with begonia flowers on the upper cover and begonia flowers on both sides) Only this one is enlarged in size! The product size is-length 20.9, width 28, height 15.9 cm cm The most special combination is the integration of wood craftsmanship and glass flower window totems. We use patterned glass discs from Mingshun Glass. For this product, we carefully selected Taiwanese begonia patterns during the Japanese occupation \ Large size storage box, easy and diverse storage of small things on the table\ The opening and closing can be quickly positioned, and it does not take up space on the table but has enough storage space capacity The enlarged size is popular with women, and you can put large and small cosmetics~ Material Description# 1. The glass adopts Mingshun glass, original piece of begonia flower. (Glass produced during the Japanese occupation) 2. The wood is made of Canadian cypress, which has high oil content, and the wood itself has extremely high moisture and insect resistance. At present, it is shipped with unprotected paint. 3. Storage box size-length 20.9, width 28, height 15.9 cm cm 4. Specification configuration-Begonia flowers on top cover, Begonia flowers on both sides


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