Chinese Valentine's Day smoked pink eternal rose without hydrangea hydrangea copper flower small table flower bouquet

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The theme of the gradation of the smoked powder is the creation of the eternal rose and the eternal hydrangea of ​​the o



Chinese Valentine's Day smoked pink eternal rose without hydrangea hydrangea copper flower small table flower bouquet


The eternal life of the museum is selected from the big brands that are not used by the Japan Non-Huahua Association. These Japanese brands are born with environmental sustainability. The production process is non-toxic and safe and uses food-grade dyes. In order to protect your health~ We don't use the unpredictable mainland workshop for eternal life, the price reflects the quality and high cost~~ Hope you can understand the flower~

Provide white flower box transparent gift box packaging/guarantee card and card with value NT.150 happy birthday/ Especially for you/ LOVE (three-choice one) gift card ▲▲**

Customized products will be available in the current season, and the basic style and color/flowers will remain the same, but the leaves may be slightly different, and the order can be accepted! thank.

▲ ▲ design concept ▲ ▲
This flower is currently out of stock will be changed to black with the same size pot! This flower ceremony is based on the gradation of the smoked powder. It is created with the eternal rose and eternal hydrangea of the organic food standard of Japan Dadi Farm, and is equipped with imported dry flower leaves from Europe. Let flowers and blessings last for a long time. Small table flowers in size can be placed on the desk and coffee table. It is a very practical flower ritual.

▲▲ size ▲▲
Flower + flower 13*15cm (size is different because the elastic flower material will have a difference of 2cm)
Packing 15x15x17cm
▲▲Material ▲▲
Use Japanese Land Farm Organic Everlasting Flowers / Preserved Flowers / No Roses, Hydrangea, Gypsophila and Dry Flowers.
The materials used in the museum are all selected flower materials, and 80% are from Japan.
Second, it became the imported dry flower leaf material. Choose from a flower shop with a good brand and good reputation. Please feel free to buy.

▲▲Flower introduction ▲▲
Handmade iron imitation copper plating flower

▲▲Package introduction ▲▲
When you send it, you will have a complete brand gift packaging and anti-collision packaging. Please feel free to purchase.

▲ ▲ write card service, please add ▲ ▲

▲▲Notes ▲▲
The products are shot in natural light (daylight), and the shooting is done using automatic white balance for the sake of photo color. But everyone's perception of color will still be somewhat different. Especially when we use natural plants, we can't guarantee that every piece of work is exactly the same as the photo. The eternal flower/dry flower itself has a variety of colors depending on humidity, light, and natural dyes produced every season. So please be sure to ask us if you are particularly particular about the color of the flowers. thank you very much

▲ ▲ save mode ▲ ▲

No withered flowers / immortal flowers / preserved flowers / stellar flowers
Watch period: 3-5 years
◇ does not withered flowers, no need to water
◇ Avoid moisture and direct sunlight. Place in a ventilated, dry environment
◇If the climate is wet, the petals will appear slightly transparent. It is normal to open the dehumidifier to dehumidify the petals.
沾 If it is contaminated with dust, use a soft hair (brush or foundation brush) to gently clean it.

Dry flower

◇ Dry flowers can basically be put on for 3 to 5 years, dry flowers and leaves are naturally dry, it is inevitable that leaves, petals, fruits will fade and peel off are normal.
◇ Avoid moisture and direct sunlight. Place in a ventilated, dry environment
沾 If it is contaminated with dust, use a soft hair (brush or foundation brush) to gently clean it.
◇Dry flowers do not need watering

※Eternal life flower / no flowering common sense ※
The origin of not withering flowers:
The non-falling flower originated from the joint technology research and development of Germany and Belgium, and later spread to Japan. The exquisite craftsmanship and technology spread the art of flowers without flowers. Letting the flowerless flower become one of the love flowers of the Japanese people, and the preservation period is longer than the flowers, and it has become a piece of art that every household in Japan will place.

Production process without any loss:
Flower finishing → dehydration, bleaching → coloring → drying. Each production may have different shades of color.

Introduction of charm without flowers:
It takes about 1 to 1.5 months for a flower to bloom from the beginning of flowering to drying.
It is very difficult to work and it is very difficult, so the price will not stay high. It is preserved and processed in the most beautiful period of blooming flowers, and it can be placed for 1~2 years without watering. It will be well preserved in an appropriate environment, and will not fade even after more than 5 years. Without the flower, the color or state will change slowly due to temperature, humidity and time. This is also the characteristic charm of the flower. The production process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, so you need to be careful when selecting flowers! Every flower is so carefully selected, so it will be more precious and special. No flowering, no pollen, no need to worry about hay fever or scent allergy.
Origin / manufacturing methods


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