~Taiwan Blue Dragonfly~ Flying Mouse Edition // Unique hand-painted wind does not hit the shirt pure material comfortable and breathable //

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💝Friendly cotton brand introduction: Share comfortable and breathable cotton Share goods that let the earth breathe Share a self-defining fashion dress Share a concept, a value, a simple life


~Taiwan Blue Dragonfly~ Flying Mouse Edition // Unique hand-painted wind does not hit the shirt pure material comfortable and breathable //


~Taiwan special animal series~Taiwan blue dragonfly Hi~ Hello everyone~ My name is Taiwan Lan Lan, the nickname "Changtail Mountain Niang". As the name implies, I have a tail of 40 cm, which is longer than my body. It can be said that it is the standard Sanqi figure in the realm world! In addition, the three primary colors in the color science are on me, the mouth is red / yellow / blue, and then black and white feathers, wearing a basic clothes that never fade. Sometimes I am noisy. After all, I belong to the "Raven", but hey, I only say good things, so a family and a happy, monogamous, brothers and sisters will help parents to support their younger brothers and not picky eaters, eat everything. But the favorite papaya in the fruit~~! Picture Design: Xue Bird Publishing: FRIENDLY COTTON **Children's clothing can choose two pieces of 1,000 yuan, please leave a message to inform you that you will open another store. **Other parents! **Items do not contain accessories other than clothes 💝Friendly cotton brand introduction: Selling comfortable and breathable cotton Selling goods that the earth can breathe Sell a self-defining fashion dress Selling you a concept, a value, a simple life 🎉 Product Features: 1.100% cotton 2. No dyeing, no bleaching 3. No phosphor and formaldehyde residue 4. Water saving and electricity saving 5. Reduce water pollution 6. It is not easy to have a sweaty smell 🎨 pattern features: 1. Exclusive design does not hit the shirt 2. Painting Taiwan's ecological beauty marketing Taiwan 3. Digital output color vivid 4. Green environmentally friendly pigments are harmless to the human body * Return and exchange: 7-day appreciation. If the freight is for the goods, the seller will pay. *Material: 100% cotton is supple and comfortable *Color: cotton original embryo (light beige) *pay attention: 1. Because natural and non-staining, there will be tiny small brown color, which is the impurity of cotton. This is a natural feature that natural cotton must have. * Cleaning method: 1. The best hand wash (if using a washing machine, please be sure to put it in the laundry bag) 2. Please wash separately from dyed clothes to avoid being contaminated by shuffling. 3. Do not bleach 4. Reverse cleaning, cleaning the reverse side, cleaning the back side (it is important to say three times) * Origin: Cloth Made in Taiwan/ Cotton Turkey Import


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