BUWU | Textured Shoulder Bag | sip green

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BUWU | Textured Shoulder Bag | sip green


(Cloth was not designed to provide a small amount or a single piece of personal customized service)

**[limited edition]**
U What is the color of summer?
Calm and mature rice dark blue color, perhaps fits the image of u Oh,
With a suitable bag, to echo a good mood today!
(Suitable occasions: Dating, vacation, friends, etc.)
(Suitable Location: next to the beach chairs, the summer fireworks, picnic mat, late at night in the cafeteria, coffee shop, etc.)

► Desc.
Cloth, design of this product, in addition to using cloth was designed exclusively cloth material "sip green"
And with Luo cited Knitting Co. developed straight PE fodder, combine two kinds of cloth, so that a product has two kinds of material.

PE forage /
Luo cited by the Knitting Co., Ltd. developed PE fodder special fabric, this fabric has a lightweight, anti-
Advantages tide, look like natural cotton, soft, do cleaning.

PE forage maintenance methods /
Recommend hand wash or machine wash back into the laundry bag. If the surface is dirty, gently wipe with a cloth dipped in water
Surface can be. Special attention, since PE fodder for the three-dimensional weave, do not use hard brush cleaning cloth
Material surface, easy to evoke uneven. PE plastic can be used in every cloth ironing iron temperature is not high, but
Do not use a steam iron, resulting in surface damage.

The cloth was designed cloth flowers ► Features
Products for the limited cloth of the designers, using the same piece of cloth, the result will be different parts of the crop,
And there is a different mix and combination of colors, increase a sense of uniqueness and value of each product.

► Size
A4-size paper can be loaded,
Internal side zipper bag inside the bag, the other side of two open internal pockets
Top long 23 cm, height 33 cm, base length 25 cm x bottom width 12 cm (± 1 cm for the normal size)

Made in Taiwan handmade
Made in Taiwan / handmade / Limited Edition

[Intimate small reminder]
1. Photo color has been adjusted to a minimum, goods color will be because of different computer screen setting error presented; and shooting conditions due to different lighting, color will be a little different, with a real product shall prevail. Each time there will be much difference in the color of each batch of cloth printed for acceptable buyer after the purchase.
2. If the goods to leather accessories using natural texture because it is a cattle growth generated in the process, a small scar, this slight scratches are within the normal range.
3. The cloth was designed with little or personal customized service is not available.
4. Each member Shipment contains merchandise sorting, processing costs for manual packaging and logistics personnel.
5. If you have any questions about merchandise, please complete the payment before the next one to ask Oh!
✉ If you have any questions, please contact us


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