Handmade Leather Pet Collar-Dog Collar-Medium Dog Use-Legend Tiger Orange can be customized

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. Product description. It is tanned with vegetable tannins and hand-sewn. Every stitch comes out of our intentions



Handmade Leather Pet Collar-Dog Collar-Medium Dog Use-Legend Tiger Orange can be customized


. Collar jewelry. We have a new "collar jewelry" can be purchased, the URL is as follows: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1rcXecHj?category=6 Putting them in the shopping cart will not add shipping fee~~~ https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-AeCTy8kup4Y/WWDDI73XbZI/AAAAAAAADzk/vyIVxmPDvskatXjmlnbpRiGC0TTVCOlRwCHMYBhgL/s720/DSC_7388.jpg The one sewn on the collar is "Little Fish-2" https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-BThSEBUrFJ0/WWDDIx8nV_I/AAAAAAAADzk/9GQa1cZZERYPmfyApgsc2Bk4k1ebLnGHwCHMYBhgL/s720/DSC_5808.jpg Hanging is "Little Fish-1" https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-QnE5jRFjoGw/WWDDI-VOvrI/AAAAAAAADzk/RyqRs7-BnMY58UYvK5PNxaSyCIRvqvvVgCHMYBhgL/s720/DSC_7390.jpg Beads https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-F3umWITbRlY/WWDDI2M3h7I/AAAAAAAADzk/6SY7O9gQLY82JrI6JGRhcFQDPnctV67nQCHMYBhgL/s720/DSC_7389.jpg Small circle . Product description. It is tanned with vegetable tannins and hand-sewn. Every stitch comes out of our intentions, Simple style, direct leather surface and clean dyeing are our characteristics. You can type your pet's name (capitalized in English) or phone number (if the number of words exceeds, we will charge a fee) If necessary, please fill in the color of the collar, the dog’s name and the phone number you want to engrave in the remarks of the order. . size. Length 60cm x Width 2cm Please use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the baby's neck for us~ It’s best to attach a picture of the baby, or inform the breed, so that you can have more information to assess how big a collar should be~ ps. This model is for dogs, you can see in our pictures, The size is much larger than that of the cat~ (the small one at the bottom of the picture 2 is the old one worn by our cat) And we couldn’t catch a dog as a model, so we had to make our cat feel wronged XD . New color goods. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-QnE5jRFjoGw/WWDDI-VOvrI/AAAAAAAADzk/RyqRs7-BnMY58UYvK5PNxaSyCIRvqvvVgCHMYBhgL/s720/DSC_7390.jpg New colors are on the shelves, two yellows On the left is "Shanbuki Yellow" (the inscription is yellow, which is darker and simpler; Ditanghua, Japanese name is Yamabuki) On the right is "bright and translucent yellow" Please see Figure 3 (color and brightness may change with different screen displays) . All product color display instructions. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-AmHNn8pyv-E/WWDDI_788_I/AAAAAAAADzk/8DPFQ_ZjB_wvhbr-_cjwH-W0zpDx27TtQCHMYBhgL/s720/DSC_3721.jpg The colors are in order Bright white Simple gray Fashion black Tiger Orange Leather brown Low-key red Grass green sky blue (The original color of vegetable tanned leather is not in the photo) → For the color, please refer to "Handmade Leather Pet Collars-Color Display of All Series Leather Products" in the design hall: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1zz3p0WS?category=6 Origin/manufacturing method Made in Taiwan handmade #Precautions The leather products made by our studio are all made of real cowhide. The cowhide itself may have some spots or color differences due to climate, physical condition, growth environment, etc. This is normal for natural cowhide. We will try our best to choose the good quality cowhide production, we can not guarantee its perfection, if you can't accept it, please find another clever. Customized products will not accept returns and exchanges. Customized products are contractual products. We provide that if there are major defects (such as disconnection, etc.) within seven days, please send it back to the studio for repairs for you. We also do not accept returns due to personal subjective factors such as differences from imagination, personal aesthetic judgments, etc. Ordering to purchase means that you can accept the description of the shopping process, unless the product itself has a major defect that has not been notified in advance, it will not be returned or exchanged The defects caused by human factors will be distinguished by our company, and photos will be taken and filed before shipment. Customized merchandise production is different from the general merchandise process time. If the customized time cannot be accepted and the customized regulations do not place an order, or urgent items are not accepted.


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