"Breath" / pet · custom brass lettering pendant pull away hand-woven necklace collar dog gift


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    **/ Thick circle /**

    This design is the most thick and strong, still fox classic coat color for the inspiration.
    The braided rope on the way a single multi and clear, color and natural beauty of the transition.
    Can be a good show of high quality Thai wax rope round slippery smooth texture, delicate pure feeling.

    ∫ selection of woven gemstones macrame the best quality of imported__wax rope__: As the name suggests is the surface layer of wax, cotton yarn is immersed in the wax produced, the new wax rope looks a little white, a little bit of oil a little sticky, like touch Candle like the feeling. After wearing a period of time, the wax naturally fall off, the color will be more vivid, braided rope braided with wax rope will be more durable. ∫

    ※ It is not recommended to use as a traction rope, wax rope although a good toughness, but because of the high strength of the pull, will lead to necklace wear quickly.
    Wax rope itself has the characteristics of wax oily, D-ring interface will be slightly moving.

    "Please note: name + phone + collar length"
















    **[on the lettering nameplate]**:
    Chinese and English distinction: Chinese engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved engraved Because engraved engraved engravings for engravings can only be engraved with 26 letters and numbers. Chinese lettering machine for the machine CNC lettering. Thickness uniform for 2mm. (Manual lettering may be slightly scratched, not centered, such as hand traces.)
    • Process distinction: whether it is Chinese or English engraved card is not a flat laser lettering, are durable wear-resistant deep recess engraved. Pure brass without adding any plating, depression depth engraved can be maintained until the use of time in 1989 and not polished. Open the ring open, brass card can also be placed anywhere.
    __↓ ↓ ↓__

    **[on the rope]**: direct imports of wax rope, wax moist and shiny, cotton strong. Note that because of the waxing process, this is not the standard round rope or flat rope on the market, so the knot will not be equal in thickness.
    __↓ ↓ ↓__

    **[on the packaging]**: hand-tapping the logo material for the natural planting tannin, with the use of time the color will be deepened, the box can also be used as storage box, stationery use.
    __↓ ↓ ↓__

    **[on the maintenance]**: the existing brass polishing board with the lazy you ~ ~ to force hard rubbing! In fact, after the oxidation of brass will be better to see ~ (used to remember to wash the car wash hand ...)
    __↓ ↓ ↓__

    **[size]**: the amount of the correct size, simple and easy, there will be a good wearing effect.
    __↓ ↓ ↓__

    **wear method is directly inserted into the**, no opening activities buckle. Because the pet's head and neck ratio with the person is not the same, and do buckle for the activities of the fast consumption of pets, this design is more suitable for hair, simple and solid.
    ※ ※ We will be in strict accordance with the size of the guests to provide custom, so be sure to measure the size of accurate. Once the inconvenience to make changes, thank you for your understanding.

    "__**Design Description**__"

    √ Each design is handmade, please consider whether to appreciate its unique temperature at the same time, to accept it is not perfect.
    Whether it is woven collar or brass tag, are pure handmade products. Not perfect.
    √ Custom time is 7-10 days (excluding weekends), sorted by order time.
    √ custom length and 60cm, please first letter to communicate.

    √ Do not wear a bath every day, hot springs, swimming at the beach. Mainly to avoid contact with chemical liquid, slightly acidic weak, perfume, shower gel and so on.
    √ clean! Weaving necklace with water or partial neutral cleaning fluid (detergent can also be) soft cleaning, can not use a brush or washing machine cleaning. Pure brass tag, natural oxidation color will be dark, there is a unique charm, with white vinegar wipe can be bright.

    After sale:
    √ photo by the SLR in the sun when the light shot, translucent than the indoor, because the display carrier different for everyone miserable.
    √ are hand-custom, do not accept Returns, unless there are quality problems, please sign within 7 days after the contact business.
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"Breath" / pet · custom brass lettering pendant pull away hand-woven necklace collar dog gift

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