[Limit] Cat Collar Japanese Style Waves Slightly Blue Cotton + Vegetable Teddy Cat Two-sided Design Irregular

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[Limit] Cat Collar Japanese Style Waves Slightly Blue Cotton + Vegetable Teddy Cat Two-sided Design Irregular


-Products by MICHUPETCOLLARS -100% hand-made -SIZE: FREE (width 1CM), special design, through the knot to determine the length. Shipping length: about 30 to 31 cm * Recommendation: General Mickey cat general wear neck circumference 15 ~ 26CM. - replace the previous safety buckle with excess fabric, reduce the weight, cotton material to increase the comfort of the wear, double-sided design, because the knot design and the relationship between the wear and tear to form a unique curve (side visible) meet the cat body Regardless of the level of cat activity, will naturally hanging on the chest, seemingly unintentional, but in fact even this little details are included in the design inside. Moreover, a whole piece of fabric cut, each finished products are distributed in a unique style, is absolutely unique, only to the exclusive taste of your appreciation! - [can be purchased] leather round business card tag 25mm, can print _ English name _ (6 words or less) + mobile phone number / city phone $ 100 / PCS - leather tag plus store: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/niCWpSeM?category=6 - brass tag plus store: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/T3pH6BA4?category=6 ** cat if not used to wear a tag, there may be incompatible situation, please consider it! - Please add the following link together into the shopping cart checkout; https://www.pinkoi.com/product/niCWpSeM?category=6 If you want to purchase brass tag, no purchase discount, please directly to the brass tag items into the shopping cart. Thank you!!! -*mini leather: 1.2cm diameter leather, you can sing the English word or lucky number max. 1 ~ 2 yards* - free: to be added to the bell, please inform the order before the order. Bell 8mm (gold / bronze) / 14mm flower bells. - Material: cotton fabric / hardware accessories / leather - Washing instructions: recommended hand wash, dry. [Please note that leather exposure will produce hardening or cracking, the correct use to extend product life] - All products are hand-cut sewing, pre-order (custom) products need to wait 3 to 5 working days can be shipped. - Length size manual measurement of about 1 to 2 cm error. [Hair child wear recommended length for the actual neck and two fingers can be placed into the space for the best wear length! ] - Fabric origin: Taiwan / Japan / Korea / the United States and other places. - Acceptable custom, can be attached to pet photos, easy to discuss color and design is preferred. - This product is reserved by the designer to modify and change the design of the right, and informed before shipment to confirm. - We support ligation instead of culling, adoption instead of buying. The sale of each collar is allocated 10% to nonprofit organizations to help more hair children who need help. Donation unit uncertain, unified announcement in the facebook fan group. Origin / manufacturing method Made in Taiwan


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