Good morning pouch egg dog scarf decorative collar

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Good morning pouch egg dog scarf decorative collar. S (18cm~22cm) is suitable for kittens and cats for more than 6 months; M (22cm~30cm) is generally cat and small dog; L (30cm~45cm) is suitable for large cats and small and medium dogs; XL (45cm~60cm) suit



Good morning pouch egg dog scarf decorative collar


Sneaky (TOTOMOMO), secretly, touched [I hope to use this gift and your love to help more stray animals. 】 TOTOMOMO will evaluate the shelters and the middle of the way, deducting the cost and sending everyone's love out, let everyone work with TOTOMOMO to help the homeless children. [Good morning poached egg] no exit buckle 【yellow】 【blue】 [Product Specifications] Decorative collar, no outfit accessories Neck size / S: 18cm~22cm (adjustable length, suitable for kittens of more than 6 months and general cats) M: 22cm~30cm (adjustable length, generally cat and small dog) L: 30cm~45cm (adjustable length, large adult cats and small and medium dogs) XL: 45cm~60cm (adjustable length, suitable for medium and large dogs) Material / Taiwan cotton + hardware + buckle The pattern/printed cloth is different in the position of the cut, and the position of the pattern cannot be the same. Each of the printed fabrics is unique. Button / MIT Pet Safety Buckle [cloth] This fabric comes from: Taiwan MIT 【button】 The plastic buckle is a pet safety buckle made by Taiwan MIT, and the pulling force of 4 kg can be broken off (human can easily pull it off) to prevent dangers when dogs and cats play/break free/fighting. 【Precautions】 Product difference Each circle is handmade, if the following conditions are within the normal range 如~ If you have doubts, you can go to the storefront store to purchase. ▪ Commodity printing is different (most of the printed cloths have different positions due to different cutting positions, and there is no way to make the pattern position exactly the same. Each printed cloth product is uniquely present~) ▪ Product size (normal error range 1cm~2cm) ▪ Product color difference ▪ The head of a Mimi ▪ Due to the original artificial paint relationship, the bell will occasionally have uneven color, but the elf will try to close the door before shipment (ง๑ •̀_•́)ง 2. Commodity spot The number of shelves is in stock. If there is a shortage of goods, you can write to ask if you will make it in the near future, and you can't update it in time. Please forgive me. 3. Cleaning treatment 1. Since most of the fabrics are dyed/printed cotton, there will be discoloration when exposed to water or strong light. 2. If there is a bell, please remove the bell before entering the water to avoid rust. 3. Please wash with water. 4. Please wash by hand or put in a washing machine. 5. Finally remember to take it out and dry it! (* ́∀`)~♥ 4. About replacement If the size is not suitable for replacement, please meet the following: ▪ Do not use traces, breakage, dirt, odor, moisture, wash ▪ Complete products, accessories, accessories, gifts, internal and external packaging Please take a photo and send a letter within 7 days, the elf will help you deal with the exchange. Please ask your father and mother to consider the order and ask if you have any product problems before purchase. Thank you for all the purchases of Mao's father, because with your support, TOTOMOMO can continue to help stray animals and love them forever ( ́,,•ω•,,)♡


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