Pet collar (for cats/dogs) Hand stained 8 colors for cowskin leather

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- Pet collars for children –  Vegetable tanned leather  S : Suitable for neck circumference 17 ~ 28 CM long  M : Suit


Pet collar (for cats/dogs) Hand stained 8 colors for cowskin leather


- Pet collars for children – << Selection of materials>>  Vegetable tanned leather 100% - Tanned with natural plant tannic acid Its natural and environmental protection are the most superior Leather breathable and hygroscopic High fiber density, solid and durable With ideal feel and comfortable wearability It's a good thing for Mao Ma  Leather gradually changes with the user's different habits It's like this diary keeps track of the process of getting along with you After years of raising their own unique leather goods << Specifications>> Size selection:  S : Suitable for neck circumference 17 ~ 28 CM long  M : Suitable for neck circumference 26 ~ 35 CM long The 2 size collar width is 1.5 CM wide  Other dimensions can be customized This is a page that sells [collar], bells need to be purchased separately~ [Big bells] about 3.5CM in diameter, single 1 in, purchase link: [Small bells] About 2.5CM in diameter, 2 1 in, buy link: Free lettering ~ Example Photo: [ Vegetable tanned leather color] Hand dyed 8 colors: 1. Mustard yellow ~ warm and bright colors, very suitable for collocation 2. Black Blue ~ The blackness of the calmness of the monarch is a little bit more blue and blue 3. Wine Red ~ The most charismatic red, it is very suitable for him or her, emitting a subtle high-profile 4. Red ~ basic red color, suitable for everyone who likes red 5. Orange Brown ~ Brown FU, one of the most popular basic colors 6. Brown ~ The most conservative basic color, suitable for all ages 7. Grassland Green ~ Warm green grass is a very comfortable color 8. Coral pink ~ soft pink tone, a little pink tone, there is no more tenderness temperament HI Dear Welcome to EDJO Design Hall, where we will let you feel the warmth of the hand-made temperature And hand-made taste, give you unique exclusive leather goods, hope that our work will make you like, In order to avoid dissatisfaction with your shopping experience, please read the [shopping instructions] before purchase, thank you [ Shopping Guide] Every piece of our work, from drawing, measuring, cutting, punching, stitching, refurbishing, etc... Each procedure is hand-made. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Hand-made workmanship is slightly wrong. Different from the precision production of machine products, it is not as good as its exquisite 100% error. Product requirements perfectionist, please consider the purchase, thank you  Due to the slightly different settings on the computer screen, or the photo factors caused by the shooting, there is a slight chromatic aberration in the picture. EDJO product shooting as much as possible to the most primitive appearance presented to consumers, the color difference to a minimum, please subject to the actual color of the product, thank you.  Leather products have irregular grain lines or are not smoothed by the natural lines of natural leather, leather special odors and the taste of dyes. It is a normal phenomenon. [know the cowhide] The leather has its own natural irregular grain lines and wrinkles. Because the cow may grow up and fight, hurt, spot, etc., the body will inevitably have some small scars and marks, and the original leather color is not the same (slightly Shallow depths) The marks left by these life processes are called [growing patterns]. Unacceptable, please consider buying [Basic maintenance] * Avoid long-term direct sunlight, rain, water, dampness, scratches, etc., leather life can only be long * Storage environment can be kept ventilated, dry, to avoid moisture *If moldy skin is normal when the skin is wet, wipe the mold with a brush or a semi-dry towel. Then dry the leather in a ventilated place. * When it gets wet or water, it should be wiped dry and dried in a ventilated place. * Use is the best maintenance Origin / manufacturing methods * Made in Taiwan handmade


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