Dog Xiaoshang money circle S Spring evening watercolor rendering mint green with twisted leather case gift bell

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Customized designs available (Can be selected according to the store's color, please ask the designer for the stock of the fabric) Specified width S size 1.5cm; other widths need to open another store


Dog Xiaoshang money circle S Spring evening watercolor rendering mint green with twisted leather case gift bell


product description: This model needs to participate in the design discussion with the designer. When you are responsible for plucking, you need to provide information such as pet photos / weight / neck girth (lightly pressing the hair volume around the circle and not tightening the size) and other information. The 啾啾 width of the small 啾啾 section will be grasped according to the dog body proportion, and not every collar is necessarily a fixed width. It is recommended to provide a matching button for "adult dogs", because this style is a fixed neck and cannot be adjusted. It is not suitable for growing dogs. -Inside buckle design can be added D ring to hang bells / wool felt accessories / tags. -Note: Please discuss the size with the designer before placing the order. Because 100% completely customized, no return and exchange service is provided. Modification of the size must bear the round-trip freight and pay the modification fee, otherwise the designer has the right to cancel the order. -Size: width 1.5cm, quote length can reach 33cm max. (How to correctly measure the neck circumference, please use a cloth ruler or a rope, and apply it slightly around the neck circumference. Do not pull it too close to the skin. After telling the designer that the neck circumference is attached, the space for two fingers can be pre-grabbed. (Best wear size) -Double-sided twisted leather sheet: English name can be printed within 6 yards. -Double-sided brand name is included in the product price. If you do n’t need it, please select the option without double-sided brand name. -Material: Featured floral fabric / brass buckle / planted leather / galvanized hardware (D ring) -Delivery time: Make orders after discussion, it takes at least 3 ~ 5 working days. Do not answer urgent orders, please forgive me! -Washable. Please use a clean cotton cloth or toilet paper to dry the metal hardware before drying. -The designer has the right to change and adjust the product design, and will do his duty to inform the discussion. [The products of this design hall include after-sale maintenance services, which are designed to help hair children use the matching parts for a longer period of time, and do not waste the earth ’s resources to create excess trash. Therefore, we do not accept the requirements of over-packed gifts. I Like us, you are welcome to come and buy! ]


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