Two-color bow pet brand collar - vegetable tanned multi-color models

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Dear baby, this is a gift for you, put your name, Become your exclusive accessory and prove how much I love you.


Two-color bow pet brand collar - vegetable tanned multi-color models


Dear baby, this is a gift for you, put your name, Become your exclusive accessory and prove how much I love you. • This collar is a pet accessory that is durable but not resistant to tension. Please do not connect the drawstring to use 喔~ • Dogs and cats can be ordered 喔~ • Please leave a message to inform the color and Size {Product specifications} • Product Name: Two-color butterfly pet brand collar • Size: 11.5x7.5x1.5cm • Color: yellow + coffee • Production: hand-dyed, French hand-stitched + exquisite stitching. • Material: Italian primary color vegetable tanned cowhide (harder feel) (The color of the product may vary slightly depending on the screen of the personal computer.) {exclusive customized items} • Dyeing selection, available in two colors. {exclusive printing} • Font size: word height 4.6mm; total height 6mm • Word count: 10 English letters, including spaces and special symbols *Already included in the word service {Product packaging} Ribbon is free to configure {Maintenance method} • The color and texture of the leather are natural traces. The leather itself is difficult to avoid the scars left by some scars and mosquito bites. It is purely natural. Will try to avoid, giving you the perfect surface touch. • Avoid touching the water. If it is in contact with water, please place it in a cool place and do not expose it to the sun. • When not in use for a long time, please place it in a dry place and regularly wipe it with maintenance oil to extend the service life. • If the product is vegetable tanned leather, it will become deeper over time, which is normal. {Precautions} Aeon.Torio aims to pursue a meticulous feel, but because each piece is handmade, it is not as flawless as a machine. Acceptable guests, please order to buy 喔~ May you feel the delicate warmth of your hand. [What is vegetable tanned leather? ] As the name suggests, vegetable tanned leather is made by using natural plant tannins. It is made from tannic acid extracted from plants. This type of leather is characterized by a light brown surface, small elasticity, and a hard rib. The tanning method is to soak the skin in different concentrations of tincture for several times, and it takes 45 days or even 2 months before and after, which is a very time-consuming tanning time. Why bother to use it? Because he has several unique advantages • Environmentally friendly - Contains only natural botanical ingredients, no longer contains other chemical ingredients (such as chrome tanning) made of leather, with true environmental characteristics. • Natural - the surface retains its own grain, luster and scars of the cowhide itself, and the natural appearance. Its luster is soft and transparent, and it will be softer and more translucent as it is used, and gradually deeper. • Re-invasiveness - The original color vegetable tanned leather is naturally produced without dyeing, so leather craftsmen can create their own designs, such as dyeing and engraving, so that the products made are strongly unique. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan design and manufacture Taiwan design and manufacture


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