Seventy change Wukong series _ "adventurous. Courage monkey "- Monkey Flower shape tube / pen holder

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Seventy change Wukong series _ "adventurous. Courage monkey "- Monkey Flower shape tube / pen holder


"Chu chirp" sound like a sweet kiss "An" means any person that we care or favorite things; CHU, AN Design will live in pure, sweet memories, into simple rounded shape, passing the warmth and hope. | Seventy change Wukong series - "dare to take risks. Courage monkey "- Monkey Flower shape tube / pen holder | Monkey is the name of the most well-known image of the ring at all times, "Journey to the West" in the "Monkey King", "72 change" series to the Monkey King optimistic wit, to cope with all kinds of challenges will change itself into a variety of appearance of the spirit of the concept . Works in pure bright marble, pure monkey show optimistic nature, but also to encourage people to maintain the curiosity and enthusiasm for life, the spirit of learning Wukong brave front straight. "Dare to take risks. Courage monkey "objective view, looking out of the comfort zone brave, for the dream start adventure trip. Designers cleverly vacated golden cudgel position, waiting for you to put a special part of your "Jingu Bang"! It may become a test-tube flowers, a small plug strain flowers, bring a touch of lively green space; another incarnation or become pen stand, let wanton dance inspiration and creativity on paper, add interest to the table writing. In the "adventurous. Courage monkey "put your most powerful weapon small! Realize their dreams, we receive you taken that step and start. | Product Information | • Material: Composite Stone • Specification: 17x9x (H) 15cm, box 22x22x (H) 13cm • Weight: Weight 0.6kg, 1.4kg box ★ limited edition of 999 worldwide, there are designer signature and limited edition number on each piece. ★ exquisite gift box packaging, enclosing tube flower, poetry small card. | Brand adhere | • Design & Made in TAIWAN Each piece are all designer sculpture, then made via master Shisu process, through the stone moist texture, gentle touch, merchandise presentation and detailed texture with bright lines and hand-made sculpture texture. • exquisite gift box earth cover type hardcover gift boxes, also regardless of collection or gifts, able to render delicate texture and gift merchandise mind. ★ If demand gifts, can be added with red and gold ribbon. | Collection methods and precautions | • Routine maintenance Use electrostatic dust paper (brush), fanning 撢 the dust; if accidentally contaminated with stains, do not wash, you can use the eraser Shidiao light stains. • Do not impact or friction force, so as not to break or leave scratches, and avoid direct sunlight or moisture. | About CHU, AN Design | "Chirp" is heard, the innocent children of the world to send a lovely kiss, all lit up, passing the love and hope. "Chu chirp" sound like a sweet kiss! "An" represents any one of our caring person or favorite things. CHU, AN Design Taiwan build cutting-edge designers and young artists will live in the pure, sweet memories, into simple rounded shape, creating a series of cultural and creative gifts and decorations life. When we work at the same time goes to his hands, palms transfer desired temperature, but also warm the world. Origin / manufacturing methods MADE & DESIGN IN TAIWAN


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