Pet tag dog cat round name brand limited English + phone gift bell

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Leather tag is a single dough piece Hardware can be matched with long and short chains Customized please contact the designer


Pet tag dog cat round name brand limited English + phone gift bell


-Products by MICHUPETCOLLARS -100% Handmade, natural tanned leather, non-staining, the most harmless leather to the skin. -SIZE: (A) 3.0cm diameter, recommended for medium/large dogs (about 50 finished coin size + one hand stitch) (B) 2.5cm diameter, recommended for small dogs/big cats (about 10 yuan coin size, no hand stitching) [Some cats do not adapt to the sound of the bell, please purchase it after proper evaluation. ] -Single purchase leather round tag can print English name (within 6 words) + mobile phone number / local call (up to 10 yards, arranged in three layers of 4-3-3, etc.) **The photo of the finished product purchased by the customer can be selected with a long chain or a short chain. The designer can discuss the design and assist with the order before placing the order.** *Additional purchase: $100/piece. Any purchase of the collar can be a discounted price of $100 / only add a tag. ※Please click on the following link to place the shopping cart checkout: [Remarks: The leather tag is a single-sided design. Because of the mold, only the English/digital/pattern is printed. If there is a requirement for Chinese engraving, please refer to the brass tag, which can be printed on both sides by hand, in Chinese, English and Japanese. The number of words does not exceed 3 words (Chinese/Japanese). If the number of words exceeds the number of words, please confirm the space with the designer first. English does not exceed 6 yards, the main space considerations, the number of words naturally need to be reduced to be placed] ※Brass tag connection: - Free: To add a bell, please ask before placing an order or place an order after the order is placed. Bell 8mm (golden / bronze) / 10mm (gold / bronze), 14mm flower bell / after the order to tell the color or a designer match) - Material: single-sided vegetable tanned leather / zinc alloy hardware. - Washing instructions: The leather should not touch the water as much as possible. When it comes into contact with water, use toilet paper or a clean cotton cloth to dry it. Do not expose to the sun. Please place it in a cool place. A layer of simmering oil is applied before shipment. [Please note that leather exposure will cause hardening or cracking, and proper use will extend the life of the product] -All products are hand cut/knocked/sewn, and pre-ordered (custom) products can be shipped within 3~5 working days. - Dimensional manual measurement has an error of 0~0.5 cm. - Leather origin: Imported leather from Europe and America. - Acceptable order, the product designer retains the right to modify the design and change, and informs the confirmation before shipment. #本产品照片 only sells tags, without collars. We support ligation instead of culling, adoption instead of purchase. Each collar sold is allocated 10% to non-profit organizations to help more Mao children who need help. The donation unit is uncertain and is uniformly announced on Facebook.


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