Dog pet collar scarf triangle blue green my Juji era can add hair ball name leather film

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The product is a tie-type triangle towel for flattening and is more stable in safety and adjustment. The photo is a custom order demonstration photo film for both sides can show positive and negative wear are OK


Dog pet collar scarf triangle blue green my Juji era can add hair ball name leather film


-Products by MICHUPETCOLLARS -100% handmade -SIZE: XS: The longest side is about 43cm $350 S: The longest side is about 53cm $380 M: The longest side is about 63cm $430 L: The longest side is about 74cm $500 XL: The longest side is about 84cm $580 * +$50/bar with lace ball * The height of the scarf can be adjusted by the long side curl. * Note that when measuring, because the size of the tie-down design is larger, the length of the flat knot loss is also larger. It is generally recommended to measure the length of the neck circumference plus 20~25 cm=the long side size as the purchase standard. . If you have any questions, you can discuss with the designer and then place an order! Thank you. -product description: He is good at picking up the playful and bright fabrics, and making cute with the cute gradual hair balls. Because of the folding relationship of the fabrics, the triangle towel accidentally becomes a pattern of different colors on both sides, which can change the style with the mood. If the dog does not want to wear it, it can be generously wrapped around the owner's bag, and there will be no conflict! Constantly adjust the design, try to find out the life accessories that can be used between the owner and the pet, so that you and the baby hair children still have a style that is still in the shape of the style, slowly derived these products, through customized production More unique style. -Instructions: After the neck is closed, the flat knot is fixed, the elastic comfort is adjusted, and the proper drape feeling is grasped; if the height is too long, the height of the scarf can be shortened by the folding, and the short ones do not have to worry! (You can print exclusive leather film, limited English word/number combination about 6 yards. If you have other ideas, please discuss with the designer and participate in the production. You are also your own hair designer!!!!) - Material: cotton fabric. - Washing instructions: It is recommended to wash by hand. [Because of the printing relationship, the fabric may be slightly faded due to washing, just like clothes] - All products are hand-stitched and sewn, and pre-ordered (custom) products are required to wait 3 to 5 working days before they can be shipped. - The length measurement is manually measured with an error of 1 to 2 cm. [Mao children wear recommended length is the actual neck circumference plus two fingers can be placed in the space for the best wearing length! ] - Cloth origin: Taiwan / Japan / South Korea / the United States and other places. [Because of the printing of cloth, each collar becomes a unique product depending on the cutting position. ] -MADE IN TAIWAN - Acceptable order, this product is reserved by the designer for modification and change of design, and is confirmed before shipment. We support ligation instead of culling, adoption instead of purchase. Each collar sold is allocated 10% to non-profit organizations to help more Mao children who need help. Donation units are uncertain, and they are uniformly announced on the Facebook fan group.


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