Bow elastic collar pet bow tie bow tie -- coconut tree _S number

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◆ Made of soft elastic rope for baby, no neck ◆ Use Japanese material, hand-made by the designer ◆ Size can be customized, please contact the designer:)


Bow elastic collar pet bow tie bow tie -- coconut tree _S number


**2019 new bow elastic collar pet bow tie bow tie** **Style - coconut tree** **Wearing style reference (cloth is not the same paragraph)** [Introduction to product features] ◆ For spring elastic collar, use**baby special soft elastic rope**, soft and comfortable without neck ◆ Consider the comfort level, no lining on the bow to avoid the wearing of the cat and dog. ◆ After adjusting, you can slightly adjust the upper and lower angles of the bow to face the front ◆ If the cloth is wrinkled after wearing for a long time, the bow becomes less and the condition is good. You can use the iron to iron and restore the stiffness. 【Material introduction】 Cloth **from Korea** Cotton cloth Elastic rope **From Japan** Use**baby special**soft elastic rope, no neck [customized instructions] -**collar is handmade by the designer** - Hand-made time-consuming, in order to maintain the quality of the product, the production time is longer, and the next day is**five working days to complete the next day (excluding holidays)** - For urgent use, please ask the private designer to discuss the shipping time. -**Customized special size**(such as medium and large dogs, puppies, rabbits, etc.) [style] \\ elastic band bow \\ 【size】 S number Collar range: 20-32cm Width: 2.5cm Bow size: 5.5*10cm S size is suitable for: adult cats, small dogs ※ You can also order rabbits; collars for medium and large dogs, please order by the private information design shop. [Please read the notes carefully] ◆The screen of the computer mobile phone is different, and the photo may have some color difference with the actual product. ◆The collar can be soft brushed or gently brushed by hand. Do not soak for a long time. ◆This is a hand-made work. Each piece may be slightly different from the photo due to factors such as the cloth block and hand-made conditions. ◆This collar can not be used with a leash ◆The elastic band collar is recommended to wear at least 1-2 finger width. If it is not tight when wearing elastic space, please do not wear it to avoid the danger of baby. ◆Beginning to wear, please observe the baby's adaptability. If you don't adapt to wearing a collar (such as: kicking a collar, etc.), it is not recommended to wear it when you are not looking after it. Please consider using it. ◆If the cat needs to wear a collar for a long time,**recommended to choose a collar with a safety buckle** The safety collar is for the cat to jump. If the collar is caught by the obstacle, the safety buckle will pull and open to let the collar fall, avoiding the danger of being hooked. ◆ If the pet has the habit of swallowing cloth products, it is not recommended.


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