Pet Comfort Safety Collar Safety Buckle Collar (Cat Collar / Dog Collar) - Nordic Apricot

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◆ Lightweight and smaller safety buckle ◆ Material is soft and comfortable ◆ Fabric and bell can be customized, please contact the designer:) ◆ White lucky grass silent charm can be selected


Pet Comfort Safety Collar Safety Buckle Collar (Cat Collar / Dog Collar) - Nordic Apricot


**Safety buckle collar function** When Mao baby runs and jumps at home, if the collar is hooked,__external force pulls the collar ring will open the collar to loosen__, avoiding the collar being hooked and unable to break free, causing a dangerous situation of strangling the neck and trachea . [customized instructions] **- cloth** 北欧 Nordic apricot **- bell** 绣 hydrangea round bell - whitefly ◆ <Do not like ringtones> White lucky grass shape**silent charm**selectable ◆ You can also choose not to match the bell, you can fold the 30 yuan of the collar (You can keep the hook circle of the collar for you, you can match your own brand name, etc.) ◆ The bells have different volume due to different shapes. The following bells sound from small to large. (silent) white lucky grass silent charm (small) cherry blossom bell, plum blossom bell, cross bell (middle)**Hydrangea Bell (this paragraph)**, plum ring, cherry ring, oak bell (Large) Lucky Grass Round Bell < Large Round Bell **- Customized time and instructions** ◆ The collars are all handmade by the designer. ◆ Manual production is more time-consuming, and the production schedule is sent out every other day for five working days. ◆ Customizable fine-tuning size (please discuss with the message designer) ◆ General buckle collar for custom dog (no safety buckle) **Wear photo reference with the same style (different color fabrics from the store)** [Neck characteristics] __Safety buckle__ Lightweight and smaller than the average buckle, the collar will open if hooked (safety mechanism) __Bell__ Exquisite hand-painted bells can be used to replace the styles you like in the design gallery __Hardware buckle__ The lightweight and exquisite Japanese ring and mouth ring made by foreign countries are carefully selected to make the overall weight of the collar lighter and more textured than the general plastic buckle. __Production__ No extra lining is added to prevent the collar material from being too thick and too thick, resulting in uncomfortable wearing or rubbing the skin. 【Material introduction】 Cloth **from Korea** Soft and comfortable Nordic cotton Fine fiber, clear cloth, soft material Bell \\ **From Japan** Hand-painted, fine workmanship [style] \\Safety buckle collar \\ ※**Other fabric style reference** Style reference map↓ 【size】 S number Collar range: 19-32cm Width: 1cm S size is suitable for: kittens, cats, small dogs ※ The size can be customized. If necessary, please contact the design office :) 【Precautions】 ◆The photo may have color difference with the actual product. ◆The collar can be soft brushed or gently brushed by hand. Do not soak for a long time. ◆This is a hand-made work. Each piece may be slightly different from the photo due to factors such as the cloth block and hand-made conditions. ◆ It is recommended to wear a width to leave a finger space. ◆Beginning to wear, please observe the baby's adaptability. If you don't adapt to wearing a collar (such as: kicking a collar, etc.), it is not recommended to wear it when you are not looking after it. Please consider using it. ◆ Cat recommends choosing a safety buckle collar The safety collar is for the cat to jump. If the collar is caught by the obstacle, the safety buckle will pull and open to let the collar fall, avoiding the danger of being hooked. The safety buckle must be pulled with a certain force to open it. Please note. ◆If the baby does not like or does not adapt to the ringtone, it is recommended to choose a silent charm or not with a bell. ◆ Wearing a collar is the most important thing to be comfortable and adaptable. If you don't adapt it, please use it according to the order. Let the baby slowly reduce the sensation. After wearing it for a long time, safety is the most important:)