Handmade order = daily essentials = hand masks = Nordic geometric lines = black ash

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No matter which season, masks are always indispensable in life, not only blocking the allergens in the air, but also on the train, on the train, the MRT, and the bus, even if you are tired and sleepy, you are not afraid. Lost 啰^^



Handmade order = daily essentials = hand masks = Nordic geometric lines = black ash


**Because all the goods are made by Katie, a one-person mini studio, it is not sold in batches, so it cannot be shipped quickly.** **Product production ~ sent as [payment date + 10 working days (excluding holidays)]** **Thank you for your patience ^^** ******************************* No matter which season Masks, always indispensable items in life Not only block allergens in the air Moreover, on the way to commuting, On the train, the MRT, the bus, Even if you are tired and sleepy, you are not afraid of losing your mind~^ **************************** Cotton version / summer version Cotton-laying version: thick cotton inside, soft and comfortable Summer Edition: Three layers of unbleached primary gauze made in Taiwan, light and breathable **************************** **■Size** **●XS: width 21.5cm × height 10cm** **★S: width 21.5cm × height 11cm** **◆M: width 21.5cm × height 12.5cm** *** Handmade, so the size may have an error of 1~2 cm.** ■ Do not like commercial masks always use black lining So every mask made by Katie has a colorful inner ■Double double-layer Taiwanese unbleached primary gauze or thick cotton ■Material: table cloth→cotton cloth/middle layer→three-layer yarn or thick cotton/library→cotton cloth **************************** **■ Size Description** Generally, commercially available masks are unisex The size is about 19.5~20cm wide x 12cm high Katie thinks that girls use it and the size is slightly different. There will be a more chin there. So made some changes Shorten the height and increase the width Compared with commercially available masks Increase 1 cm on both sides of the width Keep the mask closer to your ears and reduce the exposed part of your cheeks (The total width is 19.5 cm from the market → 21.5 cm) The height is as follows XS: 10 cm (height from the market 12 cm → 10 cm) S: 11 cm (the height is 12 cm from the market → 11 cm) M: 12.5 cm (height from the market 12 cm → 12.5 cm) You can compare the existing masks at hand and see if the size is suitable. **************************** **■Customized instructions** 1) Size needs to increase or decrease 2) You like other styles of lining 3) I want to make a mask with the fabric of other products in the design hall. **All of the above can be specially made for you!** **Welcome message discussion ^^** **************************** **★Little reminder** ■Photos are taken in real time, but there may still be unavoidable chromatic aberrations. **■ Because the fabric is cut, the finished pattern will not be exactly the same as the photo.** ■All goods are stitched out by Katie on the sewing machine. Handmade, it is inevitable that the car line will not be straight, flat, and the size will drop slightly (1~2cm). I think this is the temperature unique to the hand work. Please also be sure to include this point in the purchase considerations! ^^ ■The production schedule is 10 working days (excluding holidays) from the next day after the payment is confirmed. **************************** Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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