H&S Hennessy Size S - Two Color - ROYAL Classic Leather Collar

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Royal classic leather collars are lined with French Alsavel lining and hand-cart art. Soft, comfortable and anti-allergi



H&S Hennessy Size S - Two Color - ROYAL Classic Leather Collar


/ Product Description & Story / Royal classic leather collars are lined with French Alsavel lining and hand-cart art. Soft, comfortable and anti-allergic, collar has a classic leather color; Each unique surface texture reinterprets classic leather. The collar itself is made of durable British saddle leather, The traces of years of leatherware that have been used for a longer period of time. H&S's handmade hand-made punching makes the perforation not easy to pull and deform, making the collar more durable. Each collar is accompanied by a tag of H&S's unique trademark, which is elegant and stylish. All of H&S's metal parts are high-quality 316L stainless steel, high density, not easily damaged, and less susceptible to oxidation. Protect your favorite pet. With the details of H&S, you can realize it. / Size, size, size, weight / M - neck circumference: 30~37cm / width: 1.8cm / Material / British saddle leather / 316L high density stainless steel / Use and maintenance / Leather parts, please use leather maintenance liquid / general lotion regularly wipe Please use clean water to clean the stainless steel part. / Designers & Brand Profiles / Hennessy and his son were founded in the early 60s as a pet shop on Bonham Road in London. Focus on advanced pet accessories series. Since then, Hennessy and his son have grown to Europe. An international reference indicator for the Americas and Asia. H&S combines unique materials and exquisite hand-made products, Emphasizes strict compliance with the traditional concept of the founder's family. Each collar and leash are handmade. A single product takes at least four hours to complete, with limited daily production. Make HENNESSY & SONS' collars/leads more valuable. The H&S head office is even more established in Switzerland. Thanks to its advanced manual technology, the leather products produced in the country are highly valued. H&S is even more eager to provide the world’s top Swiss craftsmanship to its guests. Let all guests feel H&S's intention and persistence. 2% of Hennessy’s son’s annual turnover will be donated to the International Animal Rescue Foundation. The charity registration number is 1118277. Origin / manufacturing methods Switzerland / Handmade / Shopping Tips / 1. There is a 7-day hesitation period after the buyer receives the goods, but the hesitation appreciation period does not represent the probation period. It is to protect the buyers who receive fake products and provide consumers with perfect after-sales services. So do not abuse or deliberately make mistakes and replace any product. 2. Since this product is a contact type product, in order to avoid contact with sexually transmitted diseases, Therefore, once it has been opened or tried (used), it cannot be returned or exchanged. Please carefully measure the size of the merchandise before you buy it and buy it carefully. So as not to cause future purchase and sales disputes, thank you! / Return Notice / 1. The product must be brand new and should maintain the integrity of the product before it can be returned (For example: including the tag, packaging, etc. must be completely new and can not be used). After the goods have been delivered to the buyer, if they are used, Goods can not be restored to the original state, the seller has the right to refuse to return. 2. If the returned merchandise is found to have been artificially caused by the buyer, Such as: After the break, break, break, damage, damage ... will be returned without returning the original. 3. Non-defective product range: small thread, tiny stain, positive and negative 1-3CM within the gap. Origin / manufacturing methods Switzerland / Handmade


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